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Custom Window Treatments

Cornice Styles


Valances & Cornice help to conceal light gaps, or hardware systems. They both top of off your window treatment. Or if you are looking to add a pop of color to the room, this is a great way to add to your interior design.

Valances are a short drapery panel that only sits at the top of window. They can be installed with a curtain /drapery rod, or it can be stapled to a piece of pine wood. A valance always has a soft appearance, with fabric hanging freely at the top of your window.

A Cornice similar to a Valance, is a hardtop treatment. It is upholstered to a board with no loose fabric hanging at the bottom. Made in various shapes & sizes, you can vary them with the different fabrics or shapes depending on the look that you are pursuing.

Due to the wide range of styles & options & customization that can be done with Valances & Cornice Boards, Please call one of our friendly sales people at: (330) 674-2590 to discuss these truly custom products.

Cornice Styles:



Valance Styles: