• Quality and Reliability
  • One bead chain provides easy access to raise or lower shade, even on high or hard to reach windows.
  • Shades don't fly up or creep down.
  • Locks automatically for precise, stable positioning.
  • Multiple shades can be raised or lowered to matching levels for uniform appearance.
  • Selection of sizes and colors to accommodate every decorating need.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.

Our patented clutch mechanism allows you to raise or lower a shade smoothly and effortlessly. Pulling on one side of the control cord releases the clutch, for easy repositioning of the shade. When the cord is released the clutch automatically locks and holds the shade securely in place.

Inside Mount


  • Measure the inside of the window frame and the top, middle and bottom.
  • Record the narrowest width. (We will make deductions for brackets.)


  • Measure the inside height of the window frame at the left, middle and right.
  • Record the longest height to the nearest ¼".

Outside Mount


  • Measure desired width of bracket placement. (Consider that fabic measurement will be 1¼" less than the bracket measurements.)


  • Measure from the sill to the position of the top of the shade.
  • If there is no sill, measure to where the shade would reach.

What a great question! Those who think all Roller Shades are the same, are mistaken. We use only the finest materials and fabrics. Our components come from the leading designer and largest manufacturer of premium clutch based systems. We assemble your shade by hand in our workroom. Every shade is hung and tested before being shipped to your home or office!

Yes. Roller Shades are one of the easiest shades to operate. The simple construction and rigorous quality assurance process guarantees even the largest shades can be operated with ease. All of our Roller Shades come with a beaded chain control which keeps operation easy, smooth and even.

Yes. We offer Room Darkening / Blackout materials. Keep in mind that some light may still enter in on the sides of the shades.

Yes and no. Our Room Darkening / Blackout and Solar fabrics will certainly reduce the glare and cut down on the heat, making it easier to maintain the temperature of the home. However, our shades can't do much in the way of stopping a draft coming from a leaky window.

One of the best features Roller Shades offer is that when you raise them, they basically disappear. If keeping your view is a concern to you even when the shades are down, you can select a Sheer Weave Solar Material. This unique fabric helps reduce fading of drapes, carpet and interior furnishings while continuing to offer a view of the outside.

Installation is very simple. We've used our 15 years of experience to simplify all aspects of the installation process. If you are handy with a drill it will be no problem. For installation help you can call: (330) 674-2590 or email us, and we will walk you through the process.

Our philosophy is simple, if you're not happy with the product, we will work with you until you are. Because each of our shades are custom made, we don't accepts returns. However, if it's due to workroom error we will remake or repair your shades free of charge. If you're simply unhappy with your shade selection, we can offer you up to 50% off on a different item.

Minimal care and cleaning is needed to maintain the beauty of your shade. Use a low suction hand held vacuum or dust with a soft clean cloth. If further cleaning is needed, use a mild detergent and water to spot clean.